“Doug’s information, from a scientific point of view, is critical to every nail technician’s continuing education. His passion to share his knowledge with us…has single-handedly raised the level of professionalism in the nail industry.”
— Vicki Peters, Master Nailtech

“Doug Schoon provides the scientific information that should be required reading for nail professionals; it’s that important and belongs in every salon and beauty school.”
— Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D., Precision Nails

“We give every student Nail Structure and Product Chemistry!”
— Karin Schön, President KN Nail Products Sweden

“Old or new to the industry, Doug’s book and DVD should be on your don’t skip list. Even with 22 years in the industry, these both held my attention.”
— Debbie Doerrlamm, Webmaster,

“This is the Bible for nail professionals serious about success…This book is brilliant, it’s like having Doug on tap. This book should be required reading in every single classroom.”
— Sam Sweet, Co-Founder of Sweet Squared, UK

“Doug Schoon’s phenomenal book and the series of “Doug Schoon’s Brain in 3-D” will give you many of those “Light Bulb Moments” when you have been unable to solve problems in the salon. Thanks for helping me to become an expert in my field as an educator and nail artisan.”
— Gig Rouse, High Priestess of Nails in the European Union

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  • “Face-t0-Face” with Doug Schoon, Volume 1 – Book
  • “Nail Structure and Product Chemistry” – Book
  • “Doug Schoon’s Brain in 3D” – DVD

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51qzoyVD1NLNow Available, “Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon”, Volume 1 .  Doug Schoon’s Newest Book contains Fact-based information about Nails/Nail Products for the Curious and Educationally Inclined.

Tired of the confusing misinformation being passed off as nail education? Tired of being fooled or mislead?

Get the facts from a leading scientist with more than 16 patents. Doug is the inventor of many of the most successful products in the history of nails and has been providing nail education for more than 25 years. In this book, he answer questions sent to me by nail professionals from around the world. This low cost book will answer your questions in an easy-to-understand way. The answers that you seek, await you within this book. Buy your copy today and get one for a friend! Help to change the nail industry for the better.

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51qzoyVD1NLNow Available, “Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon”, Volume 1 and Volume II.  These books contain fact-based information about nails/nail products that is essential for all nail technicians who are serious about their careers.

Want answers to your question that you can believe? Tired of myths, misinformed opinions and Fake News? Want to get the facts from a scientist who knows them?  Then you should read “Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon”

These books are a nail technician’s ultimate guide to the facts- essential information that you need!

Volume I and II very different and both can be ordered from any bookstore in the world, using ISBN number:
Volume I: 978-0-9979186-0-1  and  Volume II: 978-0-9979186-2-5

…OR from any Amazon in the world, Apple iTunes, Nook and Kobo.  In printed or eBook formats.
Volume I and II covers the first 50 of 74 Episodes of the Original Video Series “Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon”.

You can also subscribe to the video series at

NOTE: Both e-book Volume I & II contain live links to the videos for subscribers of this series. Volume III of this series is expected to be available in early 2018, but don’t wait… order Volume I and II now.

Both books

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Watch the Original Video Series,  “Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon”.

This world-renown scientist has launched video series entitled “Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon” A new video is released each month. In these videos he has answering hundreds questions from Nail Technicians from around the world. Topics discussed are focused on nails, nail products, nail services and nail salons. The questions addressed are submitted by nail professionals world-wide. He debunks many common myths and misinformation by providing fact-based information straight from Doug’s many years of research .Each episode may be watched anytime, day or night and as many times as you like; on your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

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book-nail-structure-160h“Nail Structure and Product Chemistry”

The definitive book of fact-based information about natural or artificial nails. Easy-to-read and understand, this text brings together authoritative information from diverse fields including dermatology, toxicology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, physics, and materials science.

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