A Window into Doug Schoon’s Brain 24 Educational Updates in One

Over the past several years I’ve released 24 monthly Education Updates focusing on a wide range of subjects important to nail technicians and salon clients.  This month, in celebration of the opening of DougSchoonsBrain Facebook page, I’m sharing them all with you again.

This Education Update provides a direct link to all 24 of these Updates, along with a brief description of the topic. Use these links for easy retrieval of this valuable information.  I hope you will save this document and use it for your reference and to help your clients.  More importantly, please give the gift of education and share this list widely with anyone you think can benefit.  In addition, you will also find additional brochures; articles and videos on the DougSchoonsBrain Facebook page.  Please download and read them.  I especially love when Educators use this information in their classes.

Not on Facebook?  You can also find much of this information on my website  I hope you enjoy and please share what you learn with others. In that way, you’re helping to improve the industry.  If you are also interested in receiving upcoming Educational Updates send your name, email and country to and you will be added.

Thank you and enjoy my past 24 Education Updates and don’t forget to visit

Doug Schoon