Want to make £1million (1.6 million US Dollars) the easy way?

All you have to do is identify a truly chemical-free product. That should be pretty easy with so many companies claiming to have “chemical-free” products. A £1million bounty was offered for UK’s first chemical-free product in February 2010, but so far no one has claimed the prize? I wonder why? Could it be that those who make such claims know they are shameful deceivers who are out to trick the public for their own personal gain and profit? That’s why the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) announced their £1 million bounty to the first person who can crack this impossible task and create a product that is truly 100% chemical-free.

Why did this prestigious society offer this challenge? Research by the UK’s cosmetic and toiletries industry reveals 52% of women and 37% of men actively seek out chemical-free products, demonstrating the deep-seated public confusion about the role and application of chemicals in daily life.

The facts are, the vast majority of chemicals that people come into contact with each day are not only safe, they are beneficial and essential for life. Our bodies are constantly manufacturer chemicals. For example proteins are chemicals made by other chemicals called amino acids. This process requires use of the powerful chemical solvent known as water. Yes, water and air are chemicals too.

Read more about this challenge, as well as the deception and trickery used by some to fool the public into falsely believing that chemicals are dangerous by clicking the following link: